15 Job Opportunities For Professionals Across All Sector

1. ADB IT Specialist

Specialist with a focus on Database and ERP takes on the role of overseeing database administration tasks and handling system programming, problem resolution, and system maintenance within ITD, addressing all matters related to databases. For more information about the Job Opportunities, click here. Application deadline: October 25.

2. Specialist in Security and Emergency Services

The Specialist in Security and Emergency Services will assume responsibility for the strategic planning, supervision, and direction of the ADB Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) program. This role includes accountability for managing personnel, ensuring productivity, and maintaining the quality of work outputs. For more information about the Job Opportunities.

Click here for More Details | Deadline: November 8

3. Senior Communications Officer at CoMPU(Contractual)

The Communications Department (COM) of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is actively seeking a Senior Communications Officer for its Public Affairs Division (PU), with a primary focus on legislative affairs. For comprehensive information about the Job Opportunities, please refer to this link.

Application deadline: October 19.

4. Director at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (RWI) Bangkok Office

The Director of the Bangkok office will be entrusted with the management, coordination, and growth of RWI’s activities spanning thematic areas throughout the Asia Pacific. The goal is to ensure a strategic and pertinent role for RWI in alignment with global Institute priorities. Additional details about the Job Opportunities can be found here.

Application deadline: November 13.

5. Administrative Assistant – ICDGP

The Institute of Capacity Development’s Global Partnerships Division (ICDGP) is responsible for the management of fundraising, trust funds, and financial supervision related to donor resources that sustain the IMF’s externally funded capacity development (CD) programs. ICDGP is a robust and active division, handling a substantial workload that necessitates close collaboration with various departments within the Fund, regional CD centers, and external partners. The chosen candidate will operate under the guidance of the Division Chief and three Deputy Division Chiefs of ICDGP.

To learn more, please follow this link. Application deadline: October 26.

6. Senior Economist Specializing in Natural Resources

The Senior Economist specializing in Natural Resources will offer valuable technical insights and analyses in the formulation and expression of policies and strategies for developing member countries (DMCs). This is carried out within the overarching policies, principles, and objectives pertaining to the agriculture and natural resources sectors.

For detailed information,visit this link.

Application deadline: November 2.

7. Resident Advisor for Monetary and Foreign Exchange Market Operations at AFRITAC

The Resident Advisor will be stationed at AFRITAC and will concentrate on strengthening the capacity of beneficiary institutions to facilitate their decision-making processes related to monetary policy. Additionally, they will be responsible for designing and implementing operations concerning monetary and foreign exchange markets in AFS member countries.

More details can be found by clicking this link.

Application deadline: October 28.

8. AU Internship Program: Finance, Accounting, Audit

This internship initiative aims to bring in highly capable and driven students with diverse educational backgrounds to collaborate within the Secretariat. Their role involves undertaking projects aligned with the Secretariat’s Strategic Orientations and supporting the Secretariat’s core functions.

For comprehensive information, please visit this link.

Application deadline: October 31.

9. Specialist in Workforce Planning

The primary objective of the Workforce Planning Specialist is to enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. This is achieved through activities such as workforce analysis, the management of workforce data, supervision of position management, leadership in organizational realignments, and the facilitation of knowledge sharing.

Further details can be accessed by following this link.

Application deadline: October 27.

10. Senior Officer in Communications

The chosen candidate will assume responsibility for actively supporting the Commonwealth Secretariat’s communications strategy, involving proactive engagement with the media and a variety of public relations activities. They will be expected to formulate communication proposals and collaborate with the broader team to put them into practice.

For additional information,please refer to this link.

Application deadline: October 24.

11. Deputy Editor for Digital Content – Communications Division

In this role, the appointee (reporting to the Digital Content Editor within the Communications Division) will play a pivotal role in formulating and executing the Secretariat’s comprehensive digital strategy. This encompasses the creation, coordination, and dissemination of the Secretariat’s endeavors and core messages across digital platforms.

For detailed insights,kindly visit this link.

Application deadline: October 27.

12. Officer in Legal and Economic Affairs

This role involves contributing substantive insights to the analysis of services and investment within WTO bodies, negotiating groups, dispute settlement panels, other divisions of the WTO, senior management, as well as WTO Members and those countries in the process of accession.

For more information, please click on this link.

Application deadline: November 1.

13. Analyst for Applications and Data

Under the guidance of the Head of Technical Assistance (TA) Budgets and Applications within the Strategic Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation Section, and in collaboration with other Secretariat team members and external consultants, the incumbent will operate as part of a team, shouldering responsibilities as delegated.

To explore further details, kindly visit this link.

Application deadline: October 24.

14. Executive Secretary Position at WTO

The WTO’s Secretariat has a temporary opening for the role of Executive Secretary within the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF), which is administratively situated in the WTO. The selected candidate is expected to commence their contract on November 1, 2023, for a duration of eight months, concluding on June 30, 2024.

For additional information,please access this link.

Application deadline: October 25.

15. Research Economist Position at WTO

In this position, under the guidance of the Chief of Section and overall direction from the Director and Chief Economist, the appointee will primarily be responsible for delivering expertise in economic research and analysis related to trade matters at the WTO.

To find out more, please visit this link.

Application deadline: November 3.

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