Senior Compliance Officer Location: Remote

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    Job Title: Senior Compliance Officer

    Location: Remote


    Ensure that our product features and updates align with relevant industry regulations, standards, and best practices (maintain corporate compliance with applicable anti-money laundering directives and ensure regulatory and money transmission compliance)
    Regularly conduct risk assessments to identify potential compliance vulnerabilities in our products and recommend mitigation strategies.
    Take oversight function of the KYC and onboarding process
    Work closely with Product, Tech, and other internal teams to understand the compliance landscape and integrate feedback into the product development process. Spearhead process and technology initiatives on behalf of Compliance.
    Collaborate with technology teams to ensure the systems are effectively tracking and flagging unusual transaction behaviors.
    Use analytics tools to monitor transactions on the exchange, looking for patterns that might indicate suspicious or illicit activities.


    Bachelor’s Degree
    5+ years experience in similar role with proven understanding of the country’s legislation on cryptocurrency business transactions
    Excellent analytical and observational skills
    Good communication skills (both verbal and written)
    Strong critical thinking and sound decision-making skills
    Exceptional research skills
    Good time management and organizational skills.
    A versatile/flexible personality
    Attention to detail

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