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    Remote Senior Frontend Engineer
    Urban Legend


    Urban Legend is seeking a Senior React developer to bring our user-facing technology to the next level. The developer will play a key role in building our influencer-facing platform and mobile app.

    The ideal candidate will have three plus years of experience in a front-end focused role using React.

    This position will be staffed as a part-time, as needed, ongoing engagement. It’s ideal for a talented freelancer looking for regular, part-time work.

    How to Apply:

    Send your resume and interest to the email address provided.


    JavaScript proficiency, including concepts like asynchronous programming, closures, and ES6

    HTML/CSS proficiency, including layout, styling, and cross-browser compatibility

    Professional experience writing modern React apps (hooks, functional components, context, styled components, fragments, destructuring)

    Professional experience using React Native and/or professional experience building mobile applications or strong interest.

    Self-starter who can QA own work and think through the implications of design direction and is not afraid to raise red flags when necessary to help ensure we are making the best product

    Experience building and/or maintaining front-end build processes across environments (local, vercel)

    Able to think through complex problems and offer possible solutions

    Professional English proficiency

    Minimum five hours overlap with ET to enable flexible cross-collaboration

    Experience with Expo

    Experience writing UI tests with Storybook

    Experience optimizing front end performance (caching, page load etc.)

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