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    Remote Lead WordPress Developer for Fast-Growing Pet Company (Remote/Worldwide)

    The Type of Person We Would Love For This Role

    —> You are a dependable, friendly communicator
    —> You’re passionate about solving problems with smart and elegant programming solutions. Your code is clean, understandable, and well-commented
    —> You’re a self-starter who loves taking initiative and seeing things through to completion.
    —> You have the curiosity and desire to learn and grow your skills and discover new modern practices and follow the latest trends in WordPress
    —> You’re able to juggle around and work on different projects and side tasks on a weekly basis. While we wish we could focus on one thing for weeks at a time to make it perfect, that’s often not the reality in a competitive market.

    You are expected to have:

    Experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, and PHP
    Experience with MySQL and managing databases

    Experience with WordPress development (e.g. themes, hooks, filters, plugin API, etc)

    Experience with build tools like Webpack or ViteJS

    Experience with Composer and a basic understanding of autoloading, dependency management, and dependency injection

    Experience with SSH and comfortable with basic terminal usage

    Experience with Git (and GitHub)

    Troubleshooting abilities (ie include finding CSS and JavaScript conflicts using browser developer tools, navigating codebases in theme and plugins, and determining whether a plugin or theme code could be causing a code conflict)

    The ability to take a project on your own and get it done before the deadline

    Strong communication skills. This is a MUST as we work remotely. (most of our communication is written in Slack with occasional calls)

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