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    Remote Field Application Engineer (FAE) REMOTE

    Job Summary

    Join our dynamic team as a Field Application Engineer (FAE) at CVEDIA, where your expertise in computer vision and our cutting-edge product, CVEDIA-RT, will drive our success. In this hybrid role, you’ll engage with clients from pre-sales to post-implementation, offering specialized support in configuring, deploying, and optimizing CVEDIA-RT across various hardware platforms. Your role is crucial in blending sales, engineering, and customer success, guiding clients through technical intricacies, and ensuring their seamless experience with our product in a fast-evolving technological environment.

    Key Responsibilities:

    Technical Sales Support

    Work alongside the sales team, focusing on CVEDIA-RT’s unique capabilities. Understand client needs for computer vision applications, and provide detailed technical guidance during the sales process. Develop tailored technical proposals and demonstrations, highlighting CVEDIA-RT’s performance and compatibility with diverse hardware systems.

    Field Application Engineering

    Engage directly with customers to comprehend their specific computer vision challenges. Offer specialized support in the configuration and deployment of CVEDIA-RT, ensuring optimal integration with their system. Provide comprehensive training tailored to CVEDIA-RT applications.

    Product Knowledge Transfer

    Conduct specialized training sessions for CVEDIA-RT, targeting customers, sales teams, and internal staff. Develop and maintain in-depth documentation, including feature guides, troubleshooting steps, and best practices for CVEDIA-RT deployment and optimization.

    Customer Relationship Management with a Technical Edge

    Foster strong relationships with key clients, focusing on technical aspects of CVEDIA-RT. Ensure effective communication between clients and internal teams, addressing technical queries and concerns promptly.


    Technical Proficiency Network Knowledge:
    Strong understanding of network configurations and protocols. Ability to troubleshoot network-related issues impacting application performance.

    Cross-Platform OS Configuration:
    Proficient in configuring and troubleshooting applications on various operating systems, including Windows and Linux. Familiarity with the nuances of each platform to ensure optimal application performance.

    Remote Support Software:
    Skilled in using remote support software tools for diagnosing and resolving client issues. Ability to guide clients through complex configurations or troubleshoot issues remotely.

    Log Inspection and Analysis:
    Experience in log file inspection and analysis. Ability to interpret logs for diagnosing execution errors, understanding application behavior, and identifying performance bottlenecks.

    Performance Measurement:
    Knowledge of tools and techniques for measuring software performance. Ability to conduct performance analysis, particularly in the context of real-time data processing and streaming applications.

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