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    Remote Digital Marketing Coach

    What You’ll Do:

    As a Marketing Coach, your role is to help your roster of 50-100 clients successfully execute the Continuous Clients Marketing Roadmaps that are custom-tailored for them.

    You’ll give them feedback as they work through implementing our playbooks, help them overcome any roadblocks holding them back from making progress, and you’ll be responsible for holding them accountable for completing their roadmaps.

    As a Marketing Coach, you will own your client’s success in the program. You’ll also work closely with Brian Hood (founder) to create and deploy better playbooks and resources to support all of our clients.

    Required Qualifications:

    You are a complete marketing nerd who has 5+ years of digital marketing experience

    You LOVE diving into a broken marketing machine to find the root cause of why it’s not working.

    You have exceptional organizational and time management skills, with the ability to manage dozens of clients and priorities simultaneously without letting things slip through the cracks

    You have strong leadership and coaching skills, with the ability to motivate and inspire clients

    You are an excellent communicator, and comfortable on video

    You are detail-oriented enough to add the words “client acquisition machine” to your application.

    You are confident, and never shy away from a challenge

    Preferred Qualifications:

    You have been paid to coach clients (or team members) in online marketing

    You are available to coach full-time (40 hours per week) during normal working hours

    You have experience working with clients in various remote settings including email, online communities, asynchronous video, and synchronous 1-on-1 zoom calls

    You have a gift for helping other people feel like the most important person on the planet while talking to and working with them

    You have a background as a successful creative freelancer

    You live +/- 1 hour of Central Standard Time

    Compensation: $65,000-$125,000+
    Salary: $55,000
    Variable Compensation: $10,000-$80,000+

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