Power BI, Data Analysis, Power Query, SQL, Microsoft Excel Complete Course

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    Power BI Data Analyst course starts a free full-access, and you can earn a Professional Certificate from Microsoft

    It is an 8-course series, recently updated in August 2023. This series is beginner-friendly and covers essential skills including:

    Power BI, Data Analysis, Power Query, SQL, Microsoft Excel

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    1. Project Management Professional Certificate

    2. IBM AI Engineering

    3. IBM Cybersecurity Analyst

    4. IBM Data Science

    5. IBM Data Analyst

    6. IBM Full Stack Software Developer

    7. IBM Data Engineering

    8. IBM Data Analytics with Excel and R

    9. IBM DevOps and Software Engineering

    10. IBM AI Engineering

    11. IBM Technical Support

    12. IBM Machine Learning

    13. IBM Technical Support

    14. Intuit Bookkeeping

    15. Meta Database Engineer

    16. Meta Social Media Marketing

    17. Meta Front-End Developer

    18. Meta Marketing Analytics

    19. Meta Back-End Developer

    20. Microsoft Power BI Analyst

    21. Microsoft Cybersecurity Analyst

    22. Salesforce Sales Operations

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