PHD Scholarship at University of Calgary

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    It is that time of the year that we normally call on aspiring academics who are interested in doing a PhD in Accounting to apply to the University of Calgary.

    Scholarship at University of Calgary

    As one of my colleagues, Dr Anup Srivastava, posted on his Linkin, our department boasts of generous stipend and scholarships, productive researchers, and excellent PhD graduate placements.

    Yes, we do pay for the PhD student’s full tuition. On top of that, we provide stipends > $100,000 over four years to all incoming PhD students. We have other funds to support our PhD students in competitive grants and scholarships. We also pay for participation and attendance at academic conferences to encourage presenting research and building networks.

    Read the attached brochure and apply to the link below.
    (Yes, my picture is in there. But it is not as handsome 😁.)
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