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    We are currently seeking young and talented mechanical engineers to join our Retail Team.


    The successful candidate will perform inspections on a variety of vehicles, such as cars, trucks, and certain types of mobile vehicles. He/she will inspect the overall interior and exterior conditions of cars, and check the operations of the engine, transmission, steering system, brake system, air conditioning system, as well as other systems on the vehicle. He/she will also be required to interpret these conditions on vehicles for customers seeking to sell their cars.


    ▪ Scan vehicles with vehicle scanning equipment to determine status of vehicle.
    ▪ Comprehensive check of vehicle interior and exterior parts of the vehicle.
    ▪ Comprehensive check of engine, transmission, brake system, steering and suspension system, air conditioning system, and other systems available on the vehicle.
    ▪ Conduct test drives for vehicles during inspections (both Manual and Automatic transmissions).
    ▪ Communicate condition of vehicle to seller for negotiation purpose.
    ▪ Following established procedures and policies.
    ▪ Conduct remote inspections for local car dealerships, as assigned.
    ▪ Create an inspection report on all vehicles inspected.
    ▪ Inform supervisor of any vehicles that have questionable odometer readings or identification numbers or have missing or numbers.
    ▪ Maintain work area, tools, equipment, and official forms in an efficient, clean, and organized manner.
    ▪ Establish and maintain effective working relationships with the public, customers, co-workers and supervisors.
    ▪ Operate a vehicle, safely and in compliance with traffic laws and regulations, in the performance of job duties.


    ▪ HND or BSC in Mechanical, Automotive Engineering (OND Holder, Graduates of other disciplines, or Mechanics can be considered if the candidate possesses experience and/or skill in the mechanical/automotive industry)
    ▪ Minimum 1-year experience in vehicle diagnosis, inspection, or repair.
    ▪ Ability to drive both manual and automatic transmission (gear) on cars.
    ▪ Sound Knowledge of latest automobile repairs & best industry practices.
    ▪ Excellent knowledge about cars and its various models.
    ▪ Hands-on experience in diagnosing vehicle issues (experience can range from basic to advanced).
    ▪ Ability to use a vehicle scanning machine.
    ▪ Good communication skills (oral and written).
    ▪ Must be computer literate.
    ▪ Knowledge of locations of chassis numbers (VIN) and odometer readings on vehicles.
    ▪ Knowledge of, or ability to learn to read odometers and detect questionable readings.
    ▪ Proximity to the center location will be an added advantage

    Qualified candidates can apply using the link below: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfsmjtsouP83j_rSTqgHChECMucS7D3Hj9HDZ0_wVY9VbbeDg/viewform

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