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    Role: Executive Assistant

    Salary Range: N300k – N500k

    – At least 3 years of experience working with startups.

    A Summary of what a day at work would look like.

    1. Communications
    You will Manage email, communicate on an executive’s behalf and alongside them with company staff members and key stakeholders, draft company memos, etc.

    2. Scheduling and time management.
    You would be tasked with Managing an executive’s calendar, scheduling internal and external meetings and appointments, resolving scheduling issues, balancing personal appointments with work meetings.

    3. Project management.
    You would Manage the CEO’s to-dos, ensure they stay up to date and on track with their key projects.

    4. Business operations.
    You would help create, organize, and improve on internal business processes and standard operating procedures and Manage administrative assistant tasks such as filing expense reports.

    5. Strategic planning
    We expect that you will work with the company leaders to define and come up with plans for new products, initiatives, and services.

    6. Client services.
    Handle important interactions with clients. Provide ideas and feedback about how to improve systems and processes.

    Special projects: Manage a wide variety of unique projects depending on what the executive needs.
    Personal assistant tasks: Help make online orders, reservations, travel arrangements, and other accommodations for executives’ personal lives.

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