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    *Golang Developer Intern*

    Volomn is looking for a Junior Golang developer with 1 to 2 years of experience (practical or professional) to intern with us.

    *Technical Requirements*:

    1. Design and Implement REST APIs
    2. PostgreSQL or MySQL
    3. Web frameworks like Go-chi, Gin or even standard http
    4. Unit testing
    5. Docker and Docker compose is not required but a plus
    6. Any DevOps skillset is not required but a plus
    7. Ability to solve problems

    *Other requirements*:

    1. Good communication skills
    2. Willingness to learn
    3. Be pro active

    *Why intern with Volomn*

    At Volomn you’d get to work in a team of other professionals, you’d work on projects and deploy them to production. You’d learn how to build production ready applications with best practices, learn software architectures and pattern and how to properly test your code.

    *Nature of job*: Remote
    *Work hours*: 9am to 5pm
    *Compensation*: NGN50k to NGN100k
    *Duration of Internship*: 1 year with possibility to transition to staff sooner.

    To apply send your CV to career@volomn.com

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