Ahman Pategi University upgrades campus facilities and extends admission deadlin

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    Ahman Pategi University, a beacon of academic excellence, is making significant strides in enhancing the educational experience for its students. In a recent development, the university has announced a major campus infrastructure upgrade and an extension of the admission deadline for prospective students.

    The commitment to providing students with a cutting-edge learning environment is highlighted by the university’s decision to re-equip the campus with modern facilities. These enhancements encompass state-of-the-art classrooms, 24 hours of uninterrupted power supply, fully equipped laboratories, an enriched library, and advanced technology resources. The aim is to create an environment that nurtures innovation, research, and holistic learning. Speaking on these developments, the Proprietor of Ahman Pategi University, Hon. Dr. Aliyu Ahman Pategi stated, “We believe in the power of education facilities to transform lives and society. By upgrading our facilities, we are not only enriching the learning experience but also opening doors for more students to access quality education in a conducive learning environment.” Additionally, Ahman Pategi University is extending the admission deadline for both the Ahman Pategi College of Advanced studies (APCAS) and degree program applicants. According to the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Mahfouz Adedimeji, he said, “the extension is to offers students more time to complete their applications, ensuring that no deserving candidate is left behind due to time constraints. The move to extend the admission deadline aligns with the university’s commitment to accessibility and inclusivity.

    It recognizes the diverse talents and potential that students from various backgrounds bring to the academic community, he added”.

    Prospective students, parents, and education stakeholders have applauded these initiatives. They see this as a positive step toward fostering a culture of learning and innovation that aligns with the evolving demands of the academic landscape. Ahman Pategi University remains dedicated to its mission of providing a world-class education that empowers students with knowledge and skills to thrive in a dynamic world.

    For further information on admission, parents and prospective students are encourage to visit the University’s website on http://www.apu.edu.ng or contact the admission officer on the following numbers: 09031989030, 08092494467

    MUHAMMED, Muhammed Jiya

    Ag. Director, Public Relations.

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