30+ hidden business opportunities in nigeria


Hidden business opportunities in nigeria


Hidden bussiness opportunities in Nigeria is one of the most lucrative business you can start now from the comfort of your home. Explore 50+ diverse small, lucrative, hidden and profitable daily income business ideas in Nigeria, from tech to crafts, catering to services.

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small-scale, hidden, lucrative and profitable daily income businesses in Nigeria

In the dynamic landscape of Nigeria’s business arena, a plethora of hidden business opportunities await. From lucrative ventures to small-scale startups, this comprehensive guide delves into the realm of business ideas in Nigeria.

Whether you’re a student or an aspiring entrepreneur seeking profitable daily income business options with low capital or exploring possibilities with 500k NGN, we’ve curated a collection of the most promising avenues.

Discover the cheapest business to start, explore small-scale ventures, and unleash your potential in the realm of profitable businesses in Nigeria.

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1.Vegetarian restaurant

Hidden bussiness opportunities in Nigeria

Amid the rise of health consciousness, there’s a lucrative gap to explore in Nigeria’s culinary scene. With a surge in meat-excluding diets, seizing this opportunity can lead to a profitable venture.

While vegetarian cuisine may be novel in Nigerian culture, the market remains untapped, as entrepreneurs with a mere 500k can launch a small-scale vegetarian restaurant, meeting the needs of those seeking healthier options.

Leverage social media to reach out, engaging customers with your flavorful, locally inspired menu.

In a country yearning for diverse culinary experiences, this hidden business opportunity in Nigeria can both satisfy appetites and cater to the profitable niche of health-conscious diners.

2.Accidental car repair and resale

Accidented car repair and resale is a small-scale, hidden and lucrative daily income businesses in Nigeria

Venturing into the profitable world of accident car repair and resale in Nigeria requires capital and expertise, but this remains a niche that holds promising prospects for entrepreneurs.

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By acquiring damaged vehicles inexpensively, restoring them yourself or through professional mechanics, and reselling them, you can tap into an unexplored avenue.

This business demands technical skills and market insights, so partnering with experienced industry players can provide valuable knowledge for success.

Before diving in, research the market thoroughly and gain hands-on experience while keeping in mind that collaborations offer newcomers a chance to navigate challenges and optimise processes, enhancing your odds of success in the accident car market.

3.Women’s martial arts academy

Women's martial arts academy is a small-scale, hidden and lucrative daily income businesses in Nigeria

The demand for self-defence skills and unconventional sports activities among young girls in Nigeria has sparked interest in martial arts like karate, kickboxing, and boxing. This presents a unique business idea: establishing a Women’s Martial Arts Academy.

With an investment as low as 500k Naira, this is a hidden business opportunity in Nigeria that aligns with both societal needs and modern trends. By offering self-defence training and empowering women, you’re not only addressing demand but also creating a lucrative business opportunity that requires minimal capital.

Through tailored classes and workshops, you can nurture a community of empowered women while tapping into the profitability of this small-scale business idea in Nigeria.

4.Clothing printing venture

In today’s trend-conscious landscape, custom-designed clothing featuring phrases, images, and abstract visuals enjoys immense popularity, particularly among the youth demographic. From matching couple tees to striking statements, the appeal of unique prints on garments is undeniable.

Embarking on this venture involves obtaining specialised printing equipment, which serves as the initial investment. Purchasing bulk T-shirts without prints is recommended to streamline production costs.

Online platforms offer starter kits for fabric printing at competitive prices, enabling a swift launch into this business realm.

Proficiency in image editing software is essential, though outsourcing to a specialist is a viable option.

Leveraging social media platforms such as Instagram, Viber, and Telegram is crucial for sales and marketing.

This business aligns with small business ideas in Nigeria, catering to the growing demand for personalised and visually appealing clothing.

5.Children’s health-oriented eatery

Children's health-oriented eatery is a small-scale, hidden and lucrative daily income businesses in Nigeria

The challenge of providing nutritious meals that children genuinely enjoy is a struggle faced by many mothers. As children are often drawn to unhealthy options beyond home, the concept of a restaurant specialising in healthy meals for kids emerges as a promising solution and one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria with low capital.

Imagine a vibrant eatery with an array of colourful dishes designed to captivate young tastes while upholding health standards.

Launching a restaurant dedicated to crafting nutritious, flavorful meals for children offers a remarkable small-scale venture in Nigeria.

By blending essential nutritional value with delectable flavours and infusing a playful cartoon ambiance, you’re setting the stage for a successful endeavour.

Within the confines of this establishment, you’re addressing a widespread parental concern while fulfilling a market gap. Your lucrative Nigerian business venture embraces the essential balance between health and taste, fostering a positive relationship between children and nutritious food.

Through this hidden business opportunity in Nigeria, you’re not only creating a destination for joyful dining experiences but also contributing to the overall well-being of the younger generation.

6.China import

China import is a small-scale, hidden and lucrative daily income businesses in Nigeria

Importing goods from China has emerged as a gateway to launching profitable small-scale projects in Nigeria. However, it’s essential to recognise that this daily income business in Nigeria isn’t as straightforward as it may seem.

Success hinges on understanding your local market dynamics, distribution methods, customs regulations, and more. The key lies in the interplay of factors beyond Chinese factories.

Opportunities abound for affordable products such as pins, tools, brushes, and various everyday items that cater to diverse needs across society. Think lighters, hair combs, simple games, and inexpensive gifts—necessities spanning men, women, and children of all segments.

You’ve likely encountered eclectic shops stocking an array of goods. This type of outlet thrives on offering a wide range of affordable items.

Setting up such a store is relatively simple: secure shelving, source bulk products from Chinese platforms, and add your markup.

The beauty of this approach is the vast pool of products you can transform into successful ventures.

To thrive with this lucrative business idea, delve into the import process: understand legal aspects, licencing, travel logistics, and market demands.

7.App development

The realm of app development presents fertile ground for launching small-scale projects in Nigeria. Aspiring app creators are encouraged to prioritise the quality of their applications over inundating the market with excess, which can be both exhausting and futile.

In a world where mobile applications have become integral to daily life, tapping into this industry offers considerable potential. Rather than saturating the market, focus on crafting applications that resonate with users and address genuine needs.

This approach ensures your creations stand out, offering value that captures user attention and loyalty.

Remember, it’s the quality and utility of an app that foster success, not the sheer number of offerings. By striking a balance between innovation and functionality, you’re poised to embark on a meaningful journey in the app development space, delivering solutions that genuinely enhance user experiences.


Programming holds a substantial stake in the expansive realm of the internet and electronic devices, particularly in the thriving arena of phone and smart device applications. This sector, one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria with low capital, is experiencing continuous growth and rising demand from users.

Within this landscape, developers and programmers of smartphone applications and games are reaping substantial financial rewards, with earnings reaching hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

It’s crucial to recognise that application programming diverges markedly from website design and programming, encompassing distinct aspects such as profitability and capabilities.

In an era where digital solutions are integral to daily life, the art of programming offers vast potential.

The demand for creative applications and software solutions remains unceasing, providing ample opportunity for skilled programmers to innovate, create, and thrive.

9.Invest in the stock market

Investing in the stock market and diverse investment avenues as one of the lucrative businesses in Nigeria offers a path to secure your financial future, ensuring a steady return on investment post-retirement. Amid the allure of quick profits, it’s vital to resist deceptive promises and the allure of frequent trading, which is akin to gambling.

Beware of the allure of daily speculation—it can lead to substantial losses. Instead, embrace a prudent strategy: opt for long-term investments.

Focus on reputable stocks with robust fundamentals and visionary leadership, within industries poised for substantial growth. Patience becomes your ally as you await returns without being consumed by market fluctuations.

Incorporate wisdom in your investment journey from the outset. By cultivating a measured and strategic approach, you’re primed to yield profits over time.

The key lies in steady investment decisions that align with your long-term financial goals, ensuring financial stability and growth in the years to come.

10.Cryptocurrency mining farm

Cryptocurrencies remain a compelling topic, with digital currencies capturing continued attention in Nigeria despite government-backed obstacles. Among the avenues to acquire these currencies, cryptocurrency mining farms stand out as a lucrative business idea that demands proficiency and basic skills in PC assembly and components.

To initiate this endeavour, delve into the world of cryptocurrencies to identify the most lucrative options for mining.

Choose the digital currency you intend to mine. At the heart of a mining farm lie powerful graphics cards, which account for a significant portion of expenses.

Consulting an expert is advisable, as these specialists can guide you in constructing a farm, selecting appropriate services, managing earnings, and more.

The mining farm venture is a profitable business to start with 500k NGN in Nigeria that opens the door to digital currency accumulation.

While the process demands technical proficiency, it’s an avenue to potentially lucrative returns, offering a foothold in the realm of cryptocurrencies and their dynamic possibilities.

11.Dog training

Dog training is a small-scale, hidden and lucrative daily income businesses in Nigeria

In Nigeria, where pets are beloved guardians of families, the demand for dog training is steadily growing. Modern pet owners desire not only protective companions but also well-behaved and obedient pets.

If you have a passion for nurturing well-mannered dogs, starting a dog training business in Nigeria can be a fulfilling venture.

However, expertise in dog training is essential. Special skills and knowledge are needed to guide dogs from their natural instincts to disciplined behaviour.

Clients look for reassurance, and having certifications that validate your training skills is crucial. Completing certified dog training courses is a must to establish credibility and gain trust.

Acquiring clients is not as challenging as it may seem. Although this service is niche, word of mouth is a potent tool.

Satisfied clients naturally spread positive feedback, building your reputation and expanding your customer base.

Your goal is to foster a harmonious relationship between owners and pets by providing well-behaved and joyful companions to families seeking companionship and happiness.

12.Soap production and brand promotion

Soap, an everyday necessity, holds within it the potential for not just cleanliness but also clever promotion. This dual role makes soap-making an ingenious small business concept in Nigeria.

Each soap you craft becomes a tangible canvas for advertising messages, remaining a presence in households and daily routines.

Unlike conventional advertising mediums, logo-branded soap offers longevity. It continues to serve its cleaning purpose while subtly conveying promotional content. The marriage of functionality and marketing creates a unique business opportunity.

To embark on this journey, you’ll need more than just ingredients. Investing in a specialised pan whose size correlates with your operation’s scale is essential.

The soap-making process involves blending the soap base with various ingredients tailored to specific products and customer preferences. The mixture is then boiled, moulded, and transformed into bars.

Here’s the twist: within the moulds, strategically placed, are keychains bearing your customer’s company logo. As the soap solidifies, so does your brand’s presence in our everyday lives.

If liquid soaps like Morning Fresh are your preference, we have an article that caters specifically to this.

This ingenious venture harmonises the practicality of hygiene with the art of promotion. As you shape soap bars, you also shape brand perceptions, forging connections that outlast mere marketing messages.

13.Virtual reality ventures

Virtual reality ventures is a small-scale, hidden and lucrative daily income businesses in Nigeria

Step into the immersive realm of virtual reality (VR) and unlock the potential of a cutting-edge gaming business. As the gaming industry hurtles forward, VR has transformed from a futuristic notion to a tangible experience.

While top-notch VR glasses come at a price, there’s an untapped market eager for a taste of this thrilling business that can be started with 500k in Nigeria.

To embark on this venture, the first step is acquiring VR glasses, preferably a few to start with. From there, the possibilities are boundless.

You could offer glasses for rent, catering to events and gatherings where attendees crave an extraordinary experience.

Alternatively, you might envision a dedicated space where individuals can indulge in captivating “flight sessions” through virtual landscapes.

While VR is a familiar concept, it remains an exhilarating novelty for many. Capitalising on this demand, you can create an enterprise that fuses technology and entertainment, offering a glimpse into the future of gaming that’s accessible to all.

14.Hoverboard rentals

Imagine turning dreams into reality as you dive into the world of hoverboards. These futuristic devices have captured the imagination of people young and old, making them a sought-after adventure. With various models catering to different ages and skill levels, the allure of a hoverboard ride is irresistible.

Launching this lucrative hidden business opportunity in Nigeria is as easy as securing a fleet of hoverboards and ensuring they’re fully charged.

Set your sights on bustling public spaces where people gather and seek excitement. Here, you can offer passersby the chance to experience the thrill of a hoverboard ride for a modest fee.

Hoverboards transcend age, making them a universal fascination that transcends generations.

By introducing this captivating experience to your community, you’re not only fulfilling dreams but also creating a dynamic venture that combines entertainment and leisure, one hoverboard ride at a time.

15.Intimacy store

Embarking on a journey of entrepreneurship often leads to a quest for consistent and reliable income. Surprisingly, a “sex shop” aligns perfectly with these aspirations.

As the realm of intimate goods emerges, the demand for its offerings remains steadfast, with many customers becoming loyal patrons.

Bringing this hidden business opportunity to life in your city, if the state government allows, can be a lucrative venture, particularly in regions with limited competition.

Your first step is securing a suitable location, ideally away from schools and childcare centres. Equip the space with standard store fixtures, including shelving and a cash register. An attentive and knowledgeable salesperson is crucial, given that many customers may have questions, require guidance, or seek anonymity.

16.Wine ice cream

Ice cream, a cherished dessert, especially in the summer, offers a canvas for countless flavours. However, the delectable world of wine-infused ice cream remains an enticing niche awaiting exploration in Nigeria.

Before diving into this hidden business opportunity in Nigeria, recognise the competitive landscape. Crafting alcoholic ice cream demands substantial investment, primarily directed towards specialised production equipment. It is, however, still one of the most profitable businesses to start with 500k NGN in Nigeria

A workshop space spanning at least 150 sq. m. is essential for the creation of this unique treat. Opt for leasing instead of purchasing the premises to optimise costs.

Equally vital is sourcing high-quality raw materials; subpar ingredients can diminish the product’s appeal and deter your target audience.

As you embark on this gourmet journey, aim to create a wine-infused ice cream that tantalises taste buds and captures the hearts of dessert enthusiasts.

17.Furniture renewal and upholstery transformation

If you’re seeking a lucrative and manageable business idea in Nigeria, consider the world of furniture upholstery. In an era where purchasing new upholstered furniture can be financially daunting, upholstery offers a budget-friendly means of reviving interiors.

For entrepreneurs, this avenue presents an opportunity to profit while helping customers refresh their living spaces. What’s more, setting up this business requires low capital and minimal overhead.

This unique service model eliminates the need for dedicated office or workshop space. Instead, the upholstery master travels directly to the client’s location to perform the required work.

Assemble a team of 2-3 skilled craftsmen, invest in essential tools, and stock up on necessary consumables to launch your upholstery venture.

18.Photo and video equipment rental

In a world of pricey camera equipment, many aspiring photographers and videographers are held back by cost. This opens the door for an enterprising individual to offer rental services for various types of photo and video equipment.

Organising such a business in Nigeria is straightforward: invest in a range of quality equipment, including video cameras, tripods, cameras, and lighting gear.

Initially, start small and search for clients interested in renting gear for a reduced fee. As your venture gains traction and profitability, consider expanding.

To further streamline operations, think about establishing a dedicated rental studio. This could involve renting a space, equipping it with a variety of gear, and hiring specialists to offer additional services such as video filming and editing.

With dedication and a commitment to quality, you’ll help others capture their special moments without breaking the bank.

19: Homemade alcoholic jelly

A rising trend from America is finding its way to Nigeria: the creation of homemade alcoholic jelly.

While this concept has gained popularity abroad, it’s still a relatively unexplored market locally.

By entering this trend early, you’ll encounter less competition compared to more established markets.

The idea is refreshingly simple, and the preparation takes little time and few ingredients. The key ingredient, of course, is alcohol.

Unlike traditional treats with a subtle alcohol flavour, alcoholic jelly delivers a strong kick with a full shot of your preferred spirit. It’s a distinctive dessert option that’s perfect for parties and corporate events.

This hidden business opportunity in Nigeria aligns well with the local context, offering a unique and exciting treat for various gatherings.

20.PC and laptop maintenance services

PC and laptop maintenance is a small-scale, hidden and lucrative daily income businesses in Nigeria

In today’s digital landscape, the prevalence of computers and laptops is undeniable. With technology being a staple in most homes, the need for maintenance and troubleshooting remains constant.

If you’re adept at handling PCs and laptops, from software concerns to technical issues like cleaning and reinstallation, you possess valuable skills that can be leveraged into a small-scale business in Nigeria.

Embarking on a PC and laptop maintenance service is a viable business idea in Nigeria, as you can start by posting ads on online platforms or distributing flyers to let people know about your services.

As the demand grows, you might consider expanding your team by hiring more specialists to assist you.

By offering reliable and professional IT support, you can help individuals and businesses keep their essential devices running smoothly.

21.On-site cafeteria venture for private enterprises

Imagine a project that’s already thriving within companies—an on-site cafeteria that serves food and beverages to a substantial workforce. This small business idea in Nigeria revolves around leasing a cafeteria space within a company or institution boasting a considerable employee count. This is a great hidden business opportunities in nigeria. 

Such a venture offers ingenious solutions within work environments, as your cafeteria project not only caters to the quick nourishment needs of employees on-site but also serves as a mutually beneficial arrangement for the company. Employees receive convenient access to sustenance, while the company benefits from leasing the space.

By establishing this compact cafeteria, you’re tapping into a demand that’s already prevalent in the workplace.

By creating an atmosphere of convenience and sustenance, your project aligns with the evolving needs of modern workspaces.

Through this approach, you’re not just providing a practical solution but also contributing to a dynamic and efficient work culture within private companies.

22.Children’s skill development academy

Amid growing awareness about cultivating inventive skills in children, the concept of Children’s Skill Development Academies is emerging.

These academies foster creative thinking and communication abilities, empowering kids through hands-on learning experiences that go beyond traditional education.

The academy’s success relies on well-curated courses presented in a child-friendly manner by a specialised faculty. By establishing such an academy, you enrich young minds, shaping adaptable and innovative individuals prepared for our changing world.


Blogging is the most loved hidden business opportunities in nigeria stands as a quintessential example of a small business idea in Nigeria that doesn’t yield immediate returns yet flourishes with dedicated effort. It begins with outlining your blog’s scope and pinpointing a field that resonates with your desired audience. Crafting a robust content plan, complete with topics and themes, paves the way for success.

Consistency is key, so create a steadfast publishing schedule to keep your readers engaged. If necessary, enlist the expertise of a seasoned content writer who can deliver polished, SEO-friendly content that resonates with your target audience.

As your blog gains traction, various avenues for profitability become viable, such as incorporating Google ads, leasing ad space, or engaging in commissioned marketing.

While not a get-rich-quick scheme, blogging offers the promise of enduring rewards when approached with diligence and strategy. The journey from inception to profitability requires patience, determination, and a deep understanding of your audience’s needs and preferences.

With persistence, your blog can evolve from a passion project to a sustainable and potentially lucrative small business venture.

24.Online handicraft sales

This is the next hidden business opportunities in nigeria. For Nigerians skilled in manual crafts, a lucrative opportunity awaits: selling your creations online. Whether your talents lie in drawing, sculpting, crafting handmade items, or creating jewellery, the digital realm offers a platform to turn your skills into a profitable venture.

The journey begins by setting up a dedicated workspace at home. Once you’ve crafted your pieces, professional photography is key for a virtual presentation.

High-quality images highlight the intricacies of your creations, enticing potential buyers, while leveraging online marketplaces enables you to reach a global audience, turning your passion into a sustainable and rewarding business endeavour.

25.Virtual real estate agent

In a world where the Internet has evolved into a pivotal real estate marketing platform, tapping into this digital realm presents a wealth of possibilities as one of the cheapest businesses to start in Nigeria. Consider these statistics: 90% of real estate buyers turn to the Internet when seeking properties, and 36% of buyers discover their eventual home online.

The essence of electronic real estate brokerage lies in strategically publishing a plethora of property listings on specialised and general websites like jiji.ng.

In real estate, the landscape is vast, the demand remains constant, and hidden gems await discovery. Though unconventional, becoming a triumphant real estate agent through online channels is entirely feasible, leading to a lucrative and rewarding enterprise. This is most easiest hidden business opportunities in nigeria. 

26.Commercial cleaning services

Commercial cleaning services is a small-scale, hidden and lucrative daily income businesses in Nigeria

Another hidden business opportunities in nigeria is Commercial cleaning services offer a lucrative small business opportunity with minimal expertise requirements. Low initial investment, swift returns, and manageable operations make it an attractive choice among the cheapest businesses to start in Nigeria.

The demand is perpetual, and growth potential is high, backed by no inventory concerns.

Engaging local businesses directly is a winning strategy, as basic tools and safe cleaning agents are all you need to start. Target clients include professionals and the elderly seeking convenience.

From small beginnings, you can expand to a dedicated website, offering cleaning supplies and household products while diversifying services like electricians and plumbing.

Building a loyal clientele rests on attentive service and meeting their needs.

Embark on a journey marked by steady growth, evolving offerings, and customer-focused success.

27.Event planning

This is a great hidden business opportunities in nigeria  Event planning serves as a dynamic project centred around organising conferences, meetings, and various gatherings.

This profession is a contemporary and lucrative avenue, offering valuable assistance to organisations and individuals in need of meticulously planned events.

As an event planner, you play a pivotal role in orchestrating seamless experiences, with success in this venture hinged on your ability to cater to diverse client requirements and navigate unexpected challenges with poise.

28.Home maintenance

Every household requires maintenance, whether it’s in the kitchen, bathrooms, air conditioning, power lines, or even painting. In this realm, a simple yet valuable small business idea emerges. Armed with a van equipped with maintenance tools and skilled technicians, you can provide indispensable services to Nigerian homeowners.

The essence of this venture lies in catering to the routine and unexpected maintenance needs of households. From addressing plumbing issues to ensuring proper air conditioning, your expertise ensures that homes remain functional and comfortable.

This is a venture driven by demand, and your proficiency in the field can turn it into a steady and rewarding business. Start with one of these hidden business opportunities in nigeria.

29.Design and printing services

This is the best hidden business opportunities in nigeriat Offering design and printing services doesn’t require personal design skills or owning a printing press. This is a small business idea in Nigeria fueled by online communication and collaboration, coupled with local print resources.

While printing costs decrease over time, coupling design and printing adds unique value to your service.

For businesses, institutions, and small shops alike, the demand for promotional materials like flyers, business cards, and seasonal announcements is perpetual.

To excel, forge an online presence, hire designers via the internet to craft tailored designs, and then liaise with local printing presses to produce the materials.

By serving as the bridge between artistic ingenuity and tangible promotional materials, you’re facilitating a process that uplifts brands, augments visibility, and propels business growth. Keep moving with this hidden business opportunities in nigeria.

30.Beekeeping and honey production

The last hidden business opportunities in nigeria is Beekeeping and honey production which offer great potential for young individuals in Nigeria seeking small-scale agricultural opportunities. This venture provides a substantial income stream, whether pursued as a primary venture or alongside other activities.

It’s a profitable project that requires limited capital and basic skills, with a straightforward product marketing process. This is the hidden business opportunities in nigeria.

Beekeeping’s appeal lies in its simplicity and sustainability. With the right equipment and knowledge, you can set up and maintain beehives for honey production. This process not only connects you with nature but also offers a reliable income source.

Marketing honey is relatively easy. The product’s natural appeal and health benefits make it attractive to consumers.

Whether sold locally or through various channels, the demand for honey remains consistent, making this venture even more appealing.

In a country where agriculture holds cultural significance and economic promise, beekeeping and honey production can offer young entrepreneurs a fulfilling and profitable path.


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