Introducing ChatDOC – seamless file uploads and chatting.

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      Muhammed Abdulakeem

      Can’t upload files in ChatGPT? No worries!

      Introducing ChatDOC – seamless file uploads and chatting.

      Here’s how to upload and chat with your docs using AI:
      1. Visit

      – Upload any document (pdf, word, docx, md, scanned file or website).

      – Instantly receive auto-generated questions.

      2. Ask Anything:

      – Feel free to ask any questions about your files in over 40 languages.

      – Personalize prompts that align with your preferences and ask them whenever you need them.

      3. Follow-up Queries:

      – Ask more questions to explore a topic in greater depth.
      4. Supported by Citations:

      – Each answer is supported by solid evidence.

      – Even scans are optimized for maximum accuracy and efficiency.

      5. Highlight texts & tables:

      – Gain a deeper understanding by highlighting important text or tables and asking questions.

      – ChatDOC will offer you detailed explanations.

      6. Support Multiple Files:

      – Simultaneously ask questions on multiple files.

      – Target specific questions by selecting partial files within a collection.
      7. Chat with the text content of the website.

      – Now you can upload website URLs and chat with them without the need for any downloads.

      – Currently, it is mainly suitable for scenarios such as help centers, user manuals, or knowledge Q&A.
      ChatDOC API offers powerful features:

      – Extract precise data from any file.
      – View original files alongside the chatbot.
      – Trace AI responses to document sections.
      – You can even build your own custom chatbot.
      Master anything with incredible speed.

      Soar into the top 1% using the power of this AI tool.

      Experience it firsthand today at

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