Fullstack Engineer Location: Remote Anywhere

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      Muhammed Abdulakeem

      Fullstack Engineer

      Location: Remote Anywhere

      Salary: 20 to 45 EUR per hour (and even more for really skilled candidates).

      Who can apply
      You are able to be online within about 6 hours on workdays from 9 am to 6 pm Stockholm time (CET).
      You can receive payments from Sweden (SWIFT payments in EUR are preferred).

      What skills are required
      Good spoken English – we are an international team, not native speakers, but we should be able to understand each other easily.
      5+ years of experience in software development.
      Good knowledge and experience with React+Redux, JS & TS, Node.js.
      An ability to solve different and unique tasks.
      Flexibility and sharpness of mind.

      How to apply
      Send an email to fullstack-job@fibbl.com with the following information (preferably as an ordered list):

      Your name.
      Your age.
      Total experience in years.
      Your country and timezone.
      Your desired salary in EUR per hour, e.g. 25 eur.
      Your strongest side as a developer, e.g. “I’m a generalist and have worked with 100500 different technologies” or “I’m smart and quite good at solving complex problems / non-standard tasks”.
      Anything you want to add + your resume/CV. You can attach it to the email or add a link.

      Use “Job Application” as an email subject, if you are sending a resume. Or “Question”, if you just want to ask something.

      Start your email with the phrase “A white bear is eating a fish” – it will prove that you have read this job description.

Viewing 0 reply threads
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