12 secret websites to help you build your online business in 2023

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      Smith Ida

      Forget ChatGPT

      Here’re 12 secret websites to help you build your online business in 2023:

      1. AI-powered productivity – Better Research

      Integrate AI into your workflows and 10x your productivity.

      – AI on every website
      – Get answers from a single document or your entire file collection.
      – Gmail Writing assistant
      – AI-powered search (Google +AI)


      2. Vidnoz

      -Easy, fast, and free AI video generator.
      -No cost, no download, no experience required.
      -50+ AI avatars, 100+ realistic AI voices, 200+ templates.


      3. Free Logo for your Business – Microsoft Designer

      – Use Prompts to describe your Logo, and then click “Generate”
      – Best Part, you can even use it on Mobile


      4. Create Ads for your Business or Provide Ads Services – adcopy AI

      Create ad images and compliant copy in any language that drive more clicks & conversions for your business

      5. Build Website in Minutes – LandingSite

      – Let AI write your website copy
      – LandingSite provides access to millions of high-quality Getty images and videos you can use to make your website stand out above the rest.

      🔗 https://landingsite.ai/

      6. Build and Sell Web Apps – Momen

      Design, Develop, and Scale Your Apps without Code.

      From MVP to scaled SaaS, build your custom apps with a smooth learning curve, all powered by Momen.


      7. Generate FREE Images and Sell – Segmind

      Segmind provides a variety of models such as Stable Diffusion XL 1.0, Face Swap, QR Code Generator, Word2img.


      8. Find investors for your startup – Raizer

      Founders use Raizer to find perfect investors for their companies.

      Total Investors: 38180

      🔗 https://raizer.app/

      9. Build Private and Custom ChatBots – Gradient

      The only LLM developer API that helps you build private AI applications that you own.


      10. Email Marketing – Copy AI

      Email marketing is a powerful way to reach your audience directly and promote your products or services.


      11. Newsletter – beehiiv

      The AI-powered Newsletter platform built for growth.

      – Build Better content with less effort
      – Describe an idea of what you want to write, select the tone and length, and create magic.


      12. Find Clients for Free – Seamless AI

      The First and Only Real-Time Search Engine for B2B Sales Leads.

      This search engine helps you connect directly with your customers so you can build pipeline, shorten your sales cycle, & close more deals at scale.


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