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    taojaa.com as asked Zuri to send candidates that meet the following to fill internship positions. 100% remote, pay is N50 – N70k monthly (Depending on your experience and negotiation skills). Please note that while this is an internship, it is a full time position.

    General Candidate requirement:

    1. At least 1 year experience (learning, or work experience)
    2. Passionate about solving problems for the common man
    3. Interested in joining a startup with good growth prospects
    4. Good communication skills (this is essential for a remote role)
    5. Ability to work in a remote setting (Internet connection, and good working environment)
    6. Ability to work in a team

    Backend Developer:
    1. PHP OOP / Laravel Experience (requirement)
    2. MySQL Knowledge (requirement)
    3. NodeJS experience (is not a requirement but a good advantage)

    Frontend Developer:
    1. HTML/CSS/JavaScript/ReactJS (requirement)
    2. ReactJS (Requirement)

    Please send all applications to: hello@zuri.team, if you have done any of Zuri Trainings program in the past, ensure to attach your STUDENT ID and Zuriboard Workspace URL.

    Your application should mainly be your updated CV and other notes in the body of the email. Subject should read: Application to taojoa.com.

    PS: First set of candidates will be sent on Wednesday, please apply ASAP.

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