Supply Chain Management Systems Specialist

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    Supply Chain Management Systems Specialist



    Bachelor of Pharmacy Degree or Doctor of Pharmacy Degree.

    Must be registered with the relevant professional body-Pharmacy Council of Nigeria (PCN)

    Post-graduate degree in Public Health or an MBA is an advantage

    Minimum of 3 years’ field-level experience with malaria programs and public health commodities supported by bilateral agencies such as GF, USAID/CDC, and other funders particularly those related to supply chain management both at facilities and state level.

    A thorough understanding of state-level supply chain operations particularly the LMCU functions

    Have an excellent grasp of SCMS issues and current literature on SCMS in a developing country context Strong numeric skills and attention to detail and quality

    Ability to work in a team-oriented environment while maintaining an individual workload

    Logical and flexible approach to solving problems, especially when working under pressure Monitoring/assessing performance to make improvements or take corrective action

    Applicants should attach a copy of their most recent annual license to practice as Pharmacists to their resume.

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