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    Job Role: Recruitment and Selection Officer

    Experience Level: 1 – 2 Years

    Proximity: Candidate should live within Anthony and environs

    Position Overview:
    The Recruitment and Selection Officer plays a critical role in supporting the organization’s end-to-end talent acquisition strategies, ensuring the effective implementation of recruitment policies and procedures.
    We are seeking a resourceful and skilled Recruitment and Selection Officer to join our team. The successful candidate must be growth-oriented, process-driven, and eager to learn.

    The focus of the Recruitment and Selection Officer amongst others are as follows:
     Recruitment & Selection
     Talent Management
     Employee engagement/Relation
     Employee onboarding

    Qualifications and Skills:
     Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources or any related field.
     Applicants should have 1-2 years proven experience in the HR space.
     In-depth knowledge of HR principles, practices, and legal regulations.
     Strong interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to build positive
    relationships with employees at all levels.
     Excellent problem-solving and decision-making abilities.
     Ability to maintain strict confidentiality and handle sensitive information with

    Resumption: Immediate
    Salary: 120,000 (Net)
    Work Type: Onsite
    Location: Anthony, Lagos

    To Apply, send CV to

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