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    General Manager Real Estate



    Other Benefit

    Formulating and articulating the Strategic plan for Sales growth and other revenue streams to maximize income to achieve the Company’s objectives.

    Branding, packaging, and messaging Real estate products and services, building brand awareness to ensure that the Company’s real estate products are market-leading products, for effective demand and looking at the commercial potential of products and services, identifying markets target audiences and maximizing exposure to these groups with a compelling buy pull strategy.

    Preparation of the Company’s Sales and Marketing Budgets and driving performance to achieve the Sales budgets, to achieve approved budgets for the realization of Company’s margins and achievement of its Earnings objectives.

    Conceive or identify Products & services to be sold to the market or adapted from Products & services and of the company, liaising with Construction department, to define the “products” and refine products for sale to pre-identified target audience to meet an existing need/demand.

    Providing support, motivation, and direction to the Sales organization to execute marketing models, marketing promotions to stimulate sales, and pursue new sales channels and partners for the prompt delivery of Sales to achieve Sales targets.

    Evolving Pricing strategy for real estate products, using Key Selling points such as quality, views, heights, location, target market, and other desirable features to determine optimal Sales prices based on market conditions and cost of production/profit targets.

    Manage buyer/client payment plans, credit terms and liaise with the Finance department to ensure timely collection of sales proceeds from customers.

    Conduct market research, control survey and do competition analysis to identify customers’ requirements and loyalty, evaluate trends and continually monitor our market share in those markets, innovative products and offers to constantly sniff out new opportunities for our products and services that are outside-the-box.

    Male applicants only


    35-45 years

    Minimum of 10 years experience

    Work Schedule
    Monday – Friday

    Qualified and interested candidates should send CV’s to

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