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    There is a massive demand for solar energy in Nigeria as fuel and diesel prices continue to skyrocket. This demand makes the Solar Energy industry very attractive and viable leading to increased demand for solar professionals.

    There is an opportunity for individuals to be a part of this new and fast-growing industry, by starting a career in Solar.

    The Energy Talent Company is currently taking applications from talented individuals who want to start a ful�lling career in Solar Energy.

    Under the Talent Corps program, applicants can either train to be Solar Technicians (Solar installers, Solar Designers, Solar Operations and Maintenance o�cers) or Customer Service representatives in the Solar Energy Industry.

    Successful applicants of this program will gain the following:
    • Access to over 250+ hours of combined online and o�ine training.
    • Job placement opportunities for applicants who complete the program • Expert professional support and career development
    • Access to a community of seasoned solar professionals in the industry.

    Application link:

    Application deadline: 9th of February 2024

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