Best Hacking Tools using Termux on Android Part-1. Free Course Coupon

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    Best Hacking Tools and Techniques using Termux on Android For Beginners:

    In this course you will learn about Hacking with an Android device.

    I will teach you how to send fake login in pages using termux and how to get their password, Get IP Address Information, SMS Bombing, Call Bombing..etc.

    This is for educational purpose only…..because someone might do this with you so be aware. 🙂

    I hope it will be a great and interesting session for all of you.

    hacker is a computer expert who uses their technical knowledge to achieve a goal or overcome an obstacle, within a computerized system by non-standard means.

    Though the term “hacker” has become associated in popular culture with a “security hacker” – someone who utilizes their technical know-how of bugs or exploits to break into computer systems and access data which would otherwise be unavailable to them – hacking can also be utilized by legitimate figures in legal situations. For example, law enforcement agencies sometimes use hacking techniques in order to collect evidence on criminals and other malicious actors. This could include using anonymity tools (such as a VPN, or the dark web) to mask their identities online, posing as criminals themselves.[1][2] Likewise, covert world agencies can employ hacking techniques in the legal conduct of their work. Oppositely, hacking and cyber-attacks are used extra- and illegally by law enforcement and security agencies (conducting warrantless activities), and employed by State actors as a weapon of both legal and illegal warfare.

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