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    Welcome to Text Mining & Optical Character Recognition with Python course. This is a comprehensive project-based course where you will learn step-by-step how to perform advanced text mining techniques using natural language processing. Additionally, you will also build an optical character recognition system using several Python libraries like EasyOCR and Tesseract. The OCR system will have the capability of extracting text from various document types and images. This course perfectly combines text mining with computer vision, providing an ideal opportunity to practice your programming skills by building complex projects with real-world applications. In the introduction session, you will learn the basic fundamentals of text mining and optical character recognition, such as getting to know their use cases, how those technologies work, technical challenges and limitations. Then, in the next session, we will download text datasets from Kaggle, the data will contain hundreds or even thousands of unstructured text. Before starting the project, we will learn about basic text mining techniques like tokenization, stopwords removal, stemming, lemmatization, and text normalization. This section is very important as it provides you with a basic understanding of text mining. Afterward, we will start the project section, for text mining, we will have eight projects, in the first project, we will build named entity recognition system for news article, in the second project, we will create topic modeling system for academic research, in the third project, we will create news article classification and categorization using TF-IDF, in the fourth project, we will build text summarization system for research paper, in the fifth project, we will create keyword extraction system for searching engine optimization tool, in the sixth project, we will perform sentiment analysis on product review, in the seventh project, we will build plagiarism detection tool, and in the last project, we will create spam email classification system. In the next section, we will learn basic techniques required for OCR like image processing and region of interest identification. Meanwhile, for OCR, we will have three projects, in the first project, we will build a car license plate recognition system, in the second project, we will create a handwriting recognition system, and in the last project, we will build a receipts scanner system.


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