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    Interested in the field of Machine Learning? Then this course is for you!

    This course has been designed by Code Warriors the ML Enthusiasts so that we can share our knowledge and help you learn complex theories, algorithms, and coding libraries in a simple way.

    We will walk you step-by-step into the World of Machine Learning. With every tutorial, you will develop new skills and improve your understanding of this challenging yet lucrative sub-field of Data Science.

    This course is fun and exciting, but at the same time, we dive deep into Machine Learning. It is structured the following way:

    • Part 1 – Data Preprocessing

    • Part 2 – Regression: Simple Linear Regression, Multiple Linear Regression, Polynomial Regression, SVR, Decision Tree Regression, Random Forest Regression.

    • Part 3 – Classification: Logistic Regression, K-NN, SVM, Kernel SVM, Naive Bayes, Decision Tree Classification, Random Forest Classification

    • Part 4 – Clustering: K-Means, Hierarchical Clustering.

    And as a bonus, this course includes Python code templates which you can download and use on your own projects.


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